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What's in my Emergency Preparedness Kit?!

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With the recent natural disasters and the fact that during 2 previous hurricanes, my home in the northeast lost power for a week at a time, I realized that aside from a couple candles, I was not prepared for a power outage let alone something major.  I am a worrier, so I decided to put together a bin for "in case of emergency" that I hopefully will never use.  I went off of FEMA's recommendations and some of them seemed a bit extreme but better safe than sorry, right?

I thought this might be helpful to share with others so here is what I have in my kit so far:
Etekcity 4 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns- these are AWESOME- small and super bright. My kids had a ball playing with them and I was surprised at just how compact they are

Battery Powered Pocket AM/FM Radio- I had no clue where to get one of these but this thing is small and would do the trick in case we lost power/cell service and needed to get information.

Survival Kit-  FEMA recommended a lot of random little items and luckily I found this kit that contained a lot of them- a compass, tools, pins and other little gadgets.  Comes with a little storage case, too.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter- I felt a little doomsday-ish buying this but better to be prepared, right?  This filters out water so you can drink it if you run out.

First Aid Kit- I've posted this in my Facebook group before and picked up another one for the kit.  It is stuffed with medical essentials and good to have on hand.
Emergency Blankets-  FEMA recommended these in case the heat goes so I picked up the least expensive ones I could find!  

*UPDATED*- Just added these water tabs at the recommendation from someone on Facebook.  You want to have them in case of a water emergency 

OTHER RANDOM ITEMS- There were household items FEMA recommended that I threw in the box just in case. Here is my list:
-Baby Wipes
-Duct Tape
-Paper Towels
-2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
-2 rolls of Plastic Pet Waste Bags
-Canned Goods
-5lb Bag of Rice 
-Plastic Cups

I also bought 1 gallon of spring water per family member to store near the box. 

So there you have it!  My emergency box that I hopefully will never need but have on hand just in case!
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