Meal Delivery Showdown- Hello Fresh vs. Green Chef vs. Blue Apron vs. Home Chef

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For those of you who follow my deal group or Instagram, you know that I am obsessed with getting meal box delivery services!  No, it is not take out- it is a big 'ole box with ingredients and recipes sent right to your door.  You then channel your inner Martha Stewart and prepare them on your own. Fresh, home cooked meals that could very well be take out but with minimal effort beforehand on your part! Recipes generally take 30-40 minutes to prepare and you are provided with step by step instructions (with pictures)!

There various services out there and I get so many questions about the differences that I decided to order a different service each week over the course of a month so I could compare.  In full disclosure, these all were boxes I paid for-this is NOT one of those reviews in exchange for free items.   

Here is a showdown of Hello Fresh vs. Green Chef vs. Blue Apron vs. Home Chef!  

Hello Fresh

Meal Selection- You are able to choose from 5 meal choices.  User friendly to select and somewhat varied selection.  I do wish there were a few more choices. I also wish you could preview the recipes.  My husband and I like white meat chicken but there was no way to make sure we were getting white meat in our recipes.  I selected 2 chicken meals and one was dark meat, which neither of us particularly like.

Hello Fresh website's menu selection

Organization- I LOVE the way Hello Fresh organizes!! You get 3 small boxes with all ingredients in them with the exception of meat.  They stack so nicely in the fridge and have labels on the outside so it is easy to grab and get started!

Recipe- All 4 services have very similarly laid out recipe cards. I found Hello Fresh's recipes to be fairly easy to follow although a couple recipes seemed as though they had left out steps in between.  The recipe card was the smallest, which I wasn't a fan of.

Food: Yum!  Meals were easy to assemble with a different twist on them.  I don't think I would necessarily pick out the meals that we made but I was glad we had a chance to try them.  We were definitely taken out of our comfort zone. Ingredients were fresh and we liked that we had a Jamie Oliver guest chef recipe!

Green Chef

Meal Selection- Um, there was none.  You selected your dietary preferences and they selected your menu for you.  Not a fan of this.  At all.

Organization- Items came loose but color coded by stickers on each item.  I suppose I could have organized it better when unpacking but I did not.  I ended up spending a bit of time searching for things before I started cooking.

Recipe was easy to follow and pictures were really helpful.  I liked that the ingredients were bolded so I knew just what to get for each step and didn't miss anything.

Food: We LOVED that the ingredients were all organic.  Everything was very fresh and the recipes were very out of our comfort zone.  That being said, a couple were waaaaay out of our comfort zone and not something I would have selected had I had a choice.

Blue Apron

Meal Selection- I was not impressed with how Blue Apron structures meal selection.  While you have a choice, they make it so that certain combinations of meals are unavailable. For example, I did not want the fish meal but did want a certain beef meal.  If I selected the beef, I had to choose the fish.  If I unselected the fish, my option for the beef went away.  Very annoying.

Screenshot of my Menu Selection from the Blue Apron Website.
Note the dreaded "Combination not available"

Organization- My least favorite of the 4.  All ingredients came loose with a sticker on it.  Nothing was color coded or organized otherwise. I ended up spending (wasting) time searching for ingredients before making each meal.

Recipe- I found Blue Apron's recipes the least user friendly.  While other services bolded all ingredients (so you knew which items to grab) BA only did this for some steps.  Some directions were unclear and I would have to re-read.

Food- Meh.  One recipe was ok, one was not very good and one was terrible.  You know it is not good when your husband eats half his meal then elects to pour himself a bowl of cereal after.

Home Chef

Meal Selection- The best!  So.many.choices.  11 meals, a smoothie option and a fruit add on!  This is by far the best meal selection.  None of the others even compare because you get so many choices with Home Chef.

Screenshot of my Menu Selection from the Home Chef Website.

Organization- Ingredients come bundled in a large clear bag per meal.  Everything is portioned and labeled.  Although it takes up more storage space than Hello Fresh's boxes, it is just as easy to grab and start cooking!

Recipe- No complaints.  I found the recipes easy to follow and not complicated at all.  Home Chef lets you know how difficult they are (easy, medium or expert) so I always did the easy ones when my kids were being extra needy.  Even the expert ones were very user friendly.

Food- LOVE!!! Home Chef was the only one that I was legitimately sad when I took my last bite because I didn't want the meal to be over.  Spoiler: I have gotten Home Chef a few times since the one I did for this review and my husband always says things like "this is the best thing you have ever made" or "this is just as good as going to a restaurant." SOLD!  

Wine not included...sorry!

The Final Rankings

1. Home Chef
2. Hello Fresh
3. Green Chef
4. Blue Apron

In my opinion, Home Chef surpassed every other service out there on so many levels- food, ease of recipes, ordering and selection.  Hello Fresh came in a close second and I preferred how they package their food but it doesn't sway me enough from declaring Home Chef the overall winner!  

The Deals

Want to try them for yourself?  Here are some deals/referral links for the services!

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Hello Fresh- Go to and use code 3A9ZTF to get $40 off your first order
Green Chef (all organic)- Groupon for $35 for your first week (reg $89.94)
Blue Apron- Groupon for $29 for your first week (reg $59)

Jane Affiliate Exclusive Deal- Mermaid Tail Blankets

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Because I am a Jane affiliate (and you guys are awesome), I have an exclusive offer from Jane for followers of PinkRoseMama!

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The details of this deal:

Doll tail fits all 18" dolls such as American Girl, Madame Alexander, Springfield and more, such as Baby Alive and Disney 15"-18" dolls.
Doll is not included.
The bottom fin is open so little feet can go all the way down.
Four colors to choose from.
Each one is made with aqua minky and a different fleece color option.
Each set includes one child tail and one doll tail. For ages 4-11
One Size Fits All Child tail measures approx: 55" long, 20" top opening

Colors: Pink Fleece/Aqua Minky Hot Pink Fleece/Aqua Minky Blue Fleece/Aqua Minky Purple Fleece/Aqua Minky
Made in the USA

Honest Company Giveaway

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Stitch Fix Unboxing #9- July 2016

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I literally could not contain my excitement for this fix.  I have been in a major clothing rut and I was so excited to get some new clothes!   My poor mail carrier probably thinks I am the biggest creep because I was stalking his truck outside my house waiting for him to bring the box up.  As soon as he walked away, I retrieved it, tore it open and promptly proceeded to have a fashion show within about 35 seconds flat.

I had asked Lisa for summer tops and a petite length maxi dress.  Everything I had asked for she sent including remembering that I had mentioned in my last note to her that I was looking to incorporate more blue into my wardrobe.  

On to the (fashion) show...

Pixley Woodruff Tie Shoulder Chambray Top- This top was a "no" for me as soon as I picked it up out of the box.  It seemed pretty loose and the denim material was strange and something I never owned before.  However, I tried it on and it grew on me a little. My hesitation was the boxy shape of it. Then I took pictures for my blog and it grew on me even more.  It is super soft and could be perfect for playing with the kids at the park.   This shirt is a prime example of don't judge a fix at first glance because this one is a keeper!

Pixley Woodruff Tie Shoulder Chambray Top Stitch Fix Summer July 2016
Verdict: Kept

Gilli Tom Knit Maxi Dress- Lisa found me a petite length maxi!!!  I have been asking for this for a couple fixes.  I was excited because I have another Gilli Maxi that I blogged about in my favorite pieces you've never seen post and I love it.  I got this one unfortunately, it is just not my style. I love the cut out in the back and it is so lightweight.  The length is perfect.  It just cuts into me weird at the waist and the pattern/colors are not something I can see myself wearing often.

Gilli Tom Knit Maxi Dress Stitch Fix Summer July 2016
 Verdict: Returned

Pixley Rasmussen Button Detail Tank- Another blue piece, which I really appreciated but the bottom line is while it was out of my comfort zone, it is just not my style.  I also had fit issues in the bust area-  It was pretty tight not very comfortable. It was cute paired with white shorts I got from Francesca's but I knew deep down that it would sit in my closet and not get much use.

Pixley Rasmussen Button Detail Tank Stitch Fix Summer July 2016
Verdict: Returned

Le Lis Lira Woven Sleeve Knit Top- I have received a few Le Lis pieces in previous fixes- a black and grey long sleeve knit top that was a staple this past winter and a short sleeve coral top that is currently one of my favorites.  I was psyched to get another one and couldn't wait to try it on because it is just my stay at home mom style.  It is super casual, which is what my wardrobe is lacking right now.  I paired it with some black shorts from express, threw on some of my favorite reefs and I was ready to go.  Yes, I wore this before I even wrote my blog post.

Le Lis Lira Woven Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix Summer July 2016
Verdict: Kept

Loveapella Lenay Lace Shoulder Knit Top- I want to love this one so badly!  The color, lace detail on the shoulder and cut out in the back are all SO my style!  However, the material is rayon and not very forgiving. Even when trying it on, I found myself pulling and adjusting it constantly.  I am still up in the air on how I can make this work and am holding out until the last minute on this one.

Loveapella Lenay Lace Shoulder Knit Top Stitch Fix Summer July 2016
Verdict: Undecided

Wahoo!  Stitch Fix #9 is in the books!  I am so excited to have some new clothes and I am already pinning on my Pinterest in anticipation of my next fix! 

Not familiar with Stitch Fix?  Here's how it works... 
You receive 5 items picked by a personal stylist based on a style profile you complete and Pinterest style board. You keep what you want and return the pieces you don't.  It is $20 to try it, but if you buy something they apply the $20 to your order. It is not a subscription service- you can schedule boxes whenever you want or you can sign up to get them automatically delivered monthly. If you want to try it (warning: you may become obsessed like me!), use my referral link and we will be best friends!