Le Tote Review- May 2016

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Over the past year, I have gotten more into caring about the way I dress and my love of Stitch Fix has definitely been a huge contributor of that.  I have heard of Le Tote but never really knew how it worked until a friend started doing it and explained it to me.  I thought it might be helpful to share my experience here.

Le Tote Review

How it works- The subscription runs monthly.  You receive a "Tote" with 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories (jewelry, scarves, bags, etc).  You can keep your tote as long or as short of an amount of time as you wish.  You mail it back in a pre-paid mailer and will be shipped your next Tote as soon as they receive it.  My friend typically gets 4-5 totes a month out of it (so about 12-15 pieces of clothing and 8-10 accessories).  If you love something you get, you are able to purchase it for a discount.  

You are able to browse through their styles and select ones that you like to put in your "closet."  I like this concept better than how Stitch Fix relies on your Pinterest board because this is actual inventory they have. 
These were the instructions in my tote.

Without further adieu, here is what I got in my first Tote:

Ava Classic Cardigan- Yes, this is basic but it was SO soft and really flattering.  It was very simple but the shorter length was different than I normally wear.  I got lots of compliments when I wore it to gym class with my daughter so I consider that a win!

Le Tote Review

Summer & Sage Wrap Jacket- I *loved* this one.  It was really comfortable and I love the asymmetrical aspect of the piece.  My SAHM wardrobe is really boring for the most part so this definitely spruced it up!

 Summer & Sage Morgan French Terry Shirt- This one was super comfortable and just my style.  When I got it, it wasn't as flattering as I had hoped so I did only wear it once.

Clement Mixed Metal Bangle- OMG loved this one!  I wore it several times over the week I kept my tote.  I sent it back but I am thinking I should have purchased it, that is how much I liked it.  

House of Harloww 1960 Pave Wrapped Cone Studs- Was looking for earrings to go with a dress I was wearing that week.  I liked these and they did the trick.  I think next time I would go for a necklace, though.

After trying it- my thoughts about Le Tote I *liked* Le Tote but think I would have *loved* it if I was working (their work clothes seem awesome!), pregnant or postpartum.  Some of the clothes were too dressy for me and as a stay at home mom, I guess my wardrobe tends to be a bit on the bummier side. 
It is $59 a month, which is on the pricier and more than I would pay for SAHM wear that no one except a 1 and 3 year old will see.  HOWEVER, if I could get a discount code (like I posted below), it is totally worth $29.50, in my opinion.

A couple things I thought I should highlight-
  1. I like that you are able to preview each Tote and edit it.  If you don't like the clothes that were selected for you, you can simply swap them out for others!  
  2. You are able to purchase things you love at a discount.  When I looked into it for the bracelet and one top, the discount wasn't substantial enough for me to go for it.  If I am buying something worn, I don't think the discount should be a measly 30%.   I am thinking they don't care about pushing the purchases at this time.  Womp, womp.

One more thing that I want to mention....Le Tote has Maternity!!!- Nope, I don't need maternity at the moment but this concept seems GENIUS to me because my maternity wardrobe was terrible since I didn't want to spend money.  I SO wish that I had known about this last year because it would have been so much fun to dress my bump in a different wardrobe each week.  For me, I don't feel super confident while pregnant and having a nice, varied wardrobe would have helped.  Since you customize your Totes, you can dress your bump to the trimester you are in as opposed to dragging out a wardrobe because you don't want to spend money on maternity.  


DIY Star Garland

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DIY Star Garland
Once I decided on the "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old is What You Are" theme for my daughter's first birthday party, I scoured Pinterest for decor ideas.  I came across a couple listings for star garland and after thinking the price was pretty steep, I had a bright idea...."I could do this myself!"  Oh boy...
DIY Star Garland
It came out as well as I could have expected- NOT a Pinterest fail- and was a fairly easy DIY project made easier with wine and Netflix in the background.

Here is what you need to make your own.  I will list in parenthesis where I bought each item and link it if it is available online:

Note: you can modify/make this your own!  I did twine for a more shabby chic look but you could do ribbon, a thin clear wire, etc!

1. Punch out your stars with the cutter.  
Tip: I punched around the edges of the paper first then cut with my scissors to remove the cut outs.  This allowed me to get 5 or so extra stars. 

2. Cut the twine to your desired length.  

3. Place your star and put double sided tape along twine. 

4. Remove backing to double sided tape and cover with second star.

 5. Repeat to desired length and spacing.

6. Hang with tape and enjoy!

DIY Star GarlandNote: I also used loose stars to add some interest to a couple banners and to spruce up the decor on a food table!  

There you have it!!!  A super easy DIY project that you can do while enjoying some wine and your favorite tv show!  Even if you are not doing a star theme, check out the cutter because they have a bunch of different shapes.  This would be perfect for adding some easy, inexpensive decor to your next party!

If you haven't already, check out how the details of Ava's pink and gold "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old is What You Are"birthday party turned out!  Link here


Stitch Fix Unboxing #8- May 2016

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Stitch Fix, Home Chef, Le Tote- oh my!!!  I came home to a plethora of packages on my fix day!  Stitch Fix was the first box I just *had* to tear into!  This fix I asked my stylist, Lisa, for some casual tops and a kimono, a pair of colored shorts and a possible shirt to wear to my daughter's pink and gold themed birthday party.  I love Lisa (and I know you read this really are awesome!!) because she takes my wishes into account and seems to put so much thought into what she sends to me!  

Laila Jayde Tierra Cap Sleeve Top- Lisa sent me a Laila Jayde top in Fix #5 and it is hands down my favorite piece I have ever received from Stitch Fix.  I was SO excited to get this top in my fix because not only is it Laila Jayde but I also pinned it on my Pinterest board!  I will cut to the chase- LOVE... love it SO much!  The material is super soft just like the other top I have and I love the color.  It is the perfect warm weather stay at home mom top.  I have a feeling this will soon become a staple in my wardrobe!
Laila Jayde Tierra Cap Sleeve Top
Verdict: Kept (obviously!)

Pixley Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono- I asked for a Kimono and I was thinking maybe a floral piece but I had pinned something similar on my Pinterest so Lisa sent this along.  It is delicate yet well made and I love how it can dress up a boring shirt.   Absolutely perfect for summer nights.  Still, I don't know if I love it and really cannot make up my mind, even at the time I am writing this.  

Pixley Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono
Verdict: Undecided (help me!!!)

Fate Selita Strappy Back Top- I have been bugging Lisa for a pale blue top in my last few notes and I finally wore her down!  I love this one for a date night.  It is very simple yet the strappy back makes it really interesting.  I love that it is lined inside so I don't have to worry about it being see through.  

Fate Selita Strappy Back Top
Verdict: Kept

Skies are Blue Fawkes Neckline Detail Blouse- Lisa sent me this as a possible choice to wear to my daughter's birthday party.  I love the bold color and there is a cool detail on the neckline that dresses up the otherwise classic shirt.  I did end up wearing it to my daughter's birthday party and not only did I match the color scheme but I got tons of compliments!

Verdict: Kept

Kut From The Kloth Jaylon Denim Shorts- These were the colored shorts I asked for.  Sometimes things work and sometimes you can't wait to take them off.  While so many women can pull off this length and cut of shorts, these were not flattering on me at all.  The material was great and I liked the color but it is just a big fat no.  

Kut From The Kloth Jaylon Denim Shorts
Verdict: Returned

Another fix is in the books!!  I can't wait to continue to build my summer wardrobe with the help of Stitch Fix.  

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Not familiar with Stitch Fix?  Here's how it works... 
You receive 5 items picked by a personal stylist based on a style profile you complete and Pinterest style board. You keep what you want and return the pieces you don't.  It is $20 to try it, but if you buy something they apply the $20 to your order. It is not a subscription service- you can schedule boxes whenever you want or you can sign up to get them automatically delivered monthly. If you want to try it (warning: you may become obsessed like me!), use my referral link and we will be best friends!


Ava's Pink and Gold First Birthday Party

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How does this even happen?!  I blinked and my baby girl is 1.  After being in denial for a good couple months leading up to Ava's birthday, I moved into acceptance and started searching for the perfect theme.  I fell in love with a pink and gold "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old is What You Are" theme!  It was so fun ordering, decorating and ultimately enjoying the perfect girly birthday celebration.  I think Ava loved it, too!

Here are some pictures of the big day along with links in case you want to replicate for your little one!  Also, make sure to visit my DIY tutorial on how to make the star garland
 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old is What You Are pink and gold first birthday party!!!
Invitations!  Design is from Etsy (link to listing here) and I had them printed at Costco.  
I LOVED the quality and affordability of printing at Costco.   I will definitely be having my invites printed there going forward. 

Monthly picture banner- Super easy DIY project. I purchased linen banners from the dollar spot at Target, glued on 4x6 pictures (cut to size) and hung with string (also from the dollar spot).  I decorated the mantle with pom poms from Amazon. I have always seen these and wanted to do them but it seemed complicated.  Um, nope- they were super easy to make!The package I bought came with 18 so they looked nice enough that I didn't even order balloons!  Link here (pack of 18)

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old is What You Are pink and gold first birthday party!!!
I bought Ava's high chair and Happy Birthday banners from Etsy (seller was LadybugPartyFun.  HIGHLY recommend her).  I stuck a couple of the pom poms on there because it was looking bare.  Her bib is by Mud Pie and (of course) I bought it off Amazon.   It is actually great quality and the back is super soft.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old is What You Are pink and gold first birthday party!!!
A couple of window decorations.  Banners were from Etsy.  I bought a star cutter from Amazon and LOVED it!  I made star banners (DIY post to come) and used them to add some interest/ tie the "twinkle, twinkle" theme in.   Link to the cutter here

I will admit it- I was iffy about her outfit even the day before but I think she looked adorable!
Ava was decked out in a Mud Pie dress that I got from a deal on Amazon a few months ago (link here)
Her shoes are also from Amazon.  Reviews were mixed but they are super cute and were actually pretty affordable for moccs.  Bonus points because they were free one day shipping and I bought them 3 days before the party.  (link here)  
Her bow was a semi-DIY project- I bought a headband from Children's Place, detached the embellishment and made it into a clip.  

Love this girl so much!  Yup...this is usually how it goes :)

Happy Birthday, Ava!  We love you so much!  Hopefully you enjoyed your party!
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Healthy Mama Smoothie Recipe

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Like pretty much every other mom, I am constantly rushing, especially in the morning.  After getting sick of granola bars, I started drinking a smoothie each morning and it surprisingly keeps me filled up through the morning routine!  

I am not a health nut by any means but this tastes good! Here is the recipe- beware: I am writing it like your grandma would describe to you "You just put a little bit in." Use your discretion and make this your own!

Plain Greek Yogurt (I buy a great organic lowfat one from Whole Foods)

1 banana
Kale or Leafy Green Mix (from Target)
Almond Milk
PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (I get mine Amazon)
Flax Seed

Steps (this is SO easy):
1. Dump everything in the Nutribullet (or blender).  This is the order I go in:

  • Greens or Kale
  • Broken up banana (blends easier when broken into 3-4 pieces)
  • Blueberries (a handful)
  • 2 scoops of yogurt
  • 2 Tbsp of PB2
  • 1 Tbsp of Flax seed
  • Almond milk goes in last.  Pour your desired amount. I like to do a lot to make it more liquid-y but if you prefer a thicker smoothie, you could just do a few Tbsp.

2. Blend for 30 seconds or so

3. Pour into your glass and ENJOY!  Easy as pie...(a healthy, non-fat pie)!
Have another great recipes for a smoothie?  Feel free to comment and let me know!

While you are sitting and enjoying your smoothie, make sure to join Daily Deals by Pink Rose Mama on Facebook!  I am posting all the best deals I find online!  It is super fun AND will save you some money!


A Day at the Zoo

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of being a mom has been watching the world through my children's eyes.   Seeing the excitement on their faces about something that is seemingly routine to me makes me pause and enjoy life in that moment.  

We spent an action packed family day at the zoo yesterday and although we had taken my son there countless times before in previous years, watching him bounce up and down saying "let's see more big animals!" while my newly walking daughter toddled her way down the path from exhibit to exhibit is something I will never forget!  

These are the days that make all the whining, crying and days you countdown the time until bedtime worth it!