Stitch Fix Unboxing #6 - Nursing Edition

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"My mom's Stitch Fix box came!  She needs more clothes to wear that make it easy to feed me!"

As a nursing mom, it gets tiring doing the layering a tank, pulling my shirt up and feeding the baby routine day in and day out.  I feel like I am in a mom rut and what better way to pull myself out than Stitch Fix?!  In my note to my stylist, Lisa, I asked for all nursing friendly clothing.  I also mentioned that I needed a couple of nursing friendly dresses for events I will be bringing my baby to.  Boy, did she deliver!!!  I love that these clothes are not nursing clothes per se, because let's face it....nursing specific clothes are notoriously frumpy, and are things I would pick out in my every day life!

*A note to my readers- Although I am focusing on nursing mamas in this fix, these are not nursing specific clothes!*

Let's get to the fun!

Gillie Noemie Chevron Skirt Faux Wrap Dress- I love how casual this dress is.  It is super lightweight and moves with you.  I felt so confident in it and loved the wrap front.  All you need to do to nurse in this dress is pull the top to the side for easy access!  Perfect!  Still, it was a little more casual than I was looking for and I really do not wear dresses in the winter.
 Gillie Noemie Chevron Skirt Faux Wrap Dress Stitch Fix
Verdict: Returned 

Papermoon Deodar Henley Top- I did not think I would like this one when I first picked it up out of the box but I put it on and fell in love!  It is so lightweight and perfect for a stay at home mom.  It buttons up in the front and all I need to do to nurse in it is unbutton!  The purple color is not something I would generally pick out but I really liked it for variation in my wardrobe.
Papermoon Deodar Henley Top

Verdict: Kept

Collective Concepts Quade Dress- Lisa found this dress on my Pinterest and I am so happy she sent it!  After attending events with my daughter, I realized that wearing dresses and trying to nurse can be challenging.  I end up having to unzip my dress and go somewhere private because the only way to feed A is to take half my dress off.  So annoying!  This dress is PERFECT for nursing since it has a cross front and you just need to pull the chest to the side.  Plus, it is pretty darn cute!  Still, it is a bit dressier than I am looking for so I do not know how practical it will be in my wardrobe.
Collective Concepts Quade Dress
Verdict: Returned 

Amour Vert Alsace Front Wrap Top- Pictures just do not do this one justice!  This just may be the softest, most fun item I have recieved from Stitch Fix so far!  I love the way the material moves and really like that it can be dressed up or down.  For nursing, it is draped in the front for perfect access!  On the flip side, while I like it, I don't love it.  I don't know that it is entirely flattering this far postpartum (it would have been a perfect transitional piece between maternity and regular clothes) and I have vowed to keep only pieces I love.
Amour Vert Alsace Front Wrap Top-

Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top- Swoon.  I love this one.  It is simple yet has the right amount of casual detail for a stay at home mom chasing after a newly mobile baby.  The material is incredibly soft and I cannot wait to wear it!  Plus, easy nursing access through the neckline.  Yessss!  A break from layering!
Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top
Verdict: Kept

Not familiar with Stitch Fix?  Here's how it works... 
You receive 5 items picked by a personal stylist based on a style profile you complete and Pinterest style board. You keep what you want and return the pieces you don't.  It is $20 to try it, but if you buy something they apply the $20 to your order. It is not a subscription service- you can schedule boxes whenever you want or you can sign up to get them automatically delivered monthly. If you want to try it (warning: you may become obsessed like me!), use my referral link and we will be best friends!

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  1. The scrubs clothing with the largest pockets. I put my lancets in the net so they're easily accessible and don't roll around my pockets. Highly recommend.