Stitch Fix Unboxing #5 & Giveaway

Walking up to my Stitch Fix box sitting there waiting for me on the porch is possibly my favorite thing in the world! I don't think I can get my kids in the house fast enough so that I can tear it open and see what I got!

In Fix #5, I asked for a warm cardigan because I am always freezing, a couple casual tops and something I can wear on Thanksgiving.  My stylist, Lisa, took my wishes into account and sent me a really fun box that I am taking all the time I have before I have to send it back to decide what I am keeping!
Let's get to the fun!

Staccato Endino Dolman Knit Top- This top is super casual and long in the back, which I love for wearing with leggings.  The material is really soft and I am a huge fan of the dolman style.  Still, I only keep pieces I love and don't feel like I love it enough to spend money on it.
Staccato Endino Dolman Knit Top

RD Style Colton Marled Knit Cardigan- Winters where I live can be freezing and my husband and I have the eternal debate of me turning the thermostat up and him turning it back down.  This cardigan is incredibly cozy and warm.  I love that it has really long sleeves and pockets.  I paired it with leggings and my new Bear Paw boots from Amazon and envision myself reading a book and sipping hot chocolate while wearing it (with 2 small kids who am I kidding?). However, I don't think it is the most fashionable or flattering item so I am torn.  I will update this review once I return things but as of now, I am completely undecided and am split 50-50 keep or return. 

RD Style Colton Marled Knit Cardigan
Verdict: Undecided

Le Lis Borjon Pocket Knit Top-  My absolute favorite in the fix!  I am so in love that I wore it on a date with my husband the night I got it!  It is SO soft and comfortable.  It is structured yet flowy, which I love.  The back of the shirt is solid black, which I think adds a fun element with the stripes on the front.  I paired it with my Just Black skinny jeans that I am obsessed with from fix #3 and grey boots.  I love that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Le Lis Borjon Pocket Knit Top
Verdict: Kept

Skies are Blue Tiffany Shoulder Detail Knit Top- I debated back and forth about this one.  It is funny because at first it was a complete no but then I wore it for 5 minutes while I ran downstairs and it really grew on me.   It grew on me even more when I paired it with my Just Black skinnies and a pointed toe shoe! I love the knit pattern and the gold detail is so simple but adds interest.  It is a thicker material but is shaped at the waist so it is really flattering.  Still, I have a million solid black shirts and it wouldn't get much use in the cold winter.

Skies are Blue Tiffany Shoulder Detail Knit Top
Verdict: Returned

Market & Spruce Roll Tab Top-  Lisa sent me this top as a possibility to wear on Thanksgiving.  While all the elements that make it a great shirt are there- perfect colors, love the tab sleeves, soft material- it is just not me.  I wouldn't get much use out of it since I am not working but I paired it with work pants and a small heel making it perfect for the office.

Market & Spruce Roll Tab Top
Verdict: Returned

So, there it is!  Stitch Fix #5 is in the books.  While I am only keeping 1 or 2 out of 5 due to budget, I am so happy with this fix.  I love getting my boxes in the mail and with 2 small children, it is SO nice to get fashionable clothes delivered to my door with little effort on my part!

Not familiar with Stitch Fix?  Here's how it works... 
You receive 5 items picked by a personal stylist based on a style profile you complete and Pinterest style board. You keep what you want and return the pieces you don't.  It is $20 to try it, but if you buy something they apply the $20 to your order. It is not a subscription service- you can schedule boxes whenever you want or you can sign up to get them automatically delivered monthly. If you want to try it (warning: you may become obsessed like me!), use my referral link and we will be best friends!

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Since this is my 5th Stitch Fix and I am feeling fun, I am giving away a $20 Stitch Fix gift card!


  1. I am waiting on box #2, box 1 didn't work out so I have great hopes for box 2

  2. i agree with your verdict on #1, 3, and 5. i think the thanksgiving shirt is perfect for the office but not so much for what you were looking for. but i LOVE the cardigan in number 2!! i totally had the same vision as you…wearing it with leggings and boots and sipping on something nice…and then reality with two under 2 checked in haaha. i love it i think you should keep it!!!