Toddler Activity: Pom Pom Color Sort

Toddler Activity: Pom Pom Color Sort
I am constantly amazed at how much Ryan knows for only being 2 years old.  He has counting 1-20 down pat.  He can sing his ABC's.  Colors, however, are a work in progress.  He is getting much better.  For awhile, yellow was the most fun to say so everything was yellow to him.  I wanted to work on colors in our learning activity for the week so I made this simple color sorting activity that he loved!

The activity required mostly things we had around the house:
  • Pom pom balls (I did not have these but bought them at Michael's)
  • Colored construction paper
  • Tongs
  • Tape

Making the activity is really simple.. 

First, I rolled each piece of paper into a tube and used tape to keep it in place.  

 Next, I taped them all to the wall.  I mixed it up by staggering their height. 

The goal of the activity is to pick the individual pom pom balls up with the tongs and put them in the corresponding color.  We said each color as we went along. 
 Ryan was a little skeptical at first

Toddler Activity: Pom Pom Color Sort
...but he ended up loving it!  It even kept him occupied long enough for me to drink my coffee!

There you have it- a super simple color sorting activity that will make you look like Pinterest mom of the year ! Enjoy!!

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  1. Love it! Trying this with my 15 month old. She doesn't know the colors yet but she's going to love putting the pom-pons thorough.