Toddler Activity: A is for...

Ryan is 2.5 and attends preschool 3 mornings a week.  He learns a ton there but I still feel like I want to work on learning activities in the afternoon as well as on days I am home with him.  A group of friends and I decided to share weekly projects in an effort to make sure our kids grow up to be smarties! :)

Last week we worked on the letter A.  We pointed out things that begin with the letter A, did coloring pages that had things with A in them and made crafts that had to do with A.  My favorite part of the crafts is that all you need for both is construction paper, scissors and a glue stick!

For craft 1, I cut out a large capital A and squares out of construction paper.  I had Ryan glue the squares on the A.  He was very into the gluing!

Next, I cut out a couple capital A's and one large lower case a.  I cut little seeds and a stem from black construction paper, and a leaf from green.  Ryan glued everything on the paper and we made an apple out of the lowercase A.  

Ryan absolutely loved that we were able to hang our crafts up on his Art Wall!
Toddler letter a craft activityToddler letter a craft activity


  1. What a brilliant idea. I'm so pinching this! Will you be doing B next week?

  2. What a fun activity! Cant wait for my baby girl to be old enough to try this out. Thank you :)

  3. This is awesome! I hope you share everything you decide to work on, I would love to try these things with my little one next year! :-D

  4. Awesome! Young children learn best through play, and it looks like y'all are having a blast!

  5. Awesome! Kids learn best through play, and it looks like hall are having a blast!

  6. SO AWESOME to see other moms doing things with their littles!!! I am a homeschool mom - newbie blogger- if you have some time head over to my site. I have a free printable section where i just put up writing practice sheets 0-10 might be something you could do with your littles! I did some similiar activites when we did letters with one of my kiddos tons of fun watching them learn and grow as humans! just amazing!
    cute smiles btw