Gaining Confidence with 2 kids!

When Ryan was a baby, I rarely took him anywhere out of fear that he would cry and I wouldn't know what to do.  With 2 kids, that is just not possible and Ava is already getting out more in the first 2 months than Ryan did in the first year!  We went to the mall to exchange something and dinner time snuck up on us.  Alex asked if we should go to Cheesecake Factory with *gasp* both kids and for some reason I agreed. 

We sat down and I planned my exit plan for when one of them inevitably freaked out.  Ryan declared that he wanted pizza and Ava took a nap.  I waited for it to get crazy.  I waited some more...and some more.  It never came.  They were perfect and it was such an enjoyable time!

I think this will end our going out to eat with both kid experiences because it would be hard to top this one!

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