Toddler Activity Tuesday: Pipe Cleaners

I am often left feeling bad that I am feeding, consoling or otherwise giving attention to Ava while ignoring Ryan.  Ryan can be high energy but he also will concentrate on something if he is into it.  A friend gave me the idea for an easy activity with pipe cleaners and a colander.  All I did was turn the colander upside down, hand him the pipe cleaners and bam!  30 minutes of total concentration and practice of hand eye coordination!

 I see a future engineer at work!

Stitch Fix Unboxing #1

My friends raved about Stitch Fix for at least a year and a half.  Every time they would talk about, my eyes would glaze over and I would disregard what they were saying.  2 months postpartum, I was in a serious mom rut and decided to take the plunge and go for it!

How Stitch Fix works is you fill out a style profile and make a Pinterest board with styles you like.  A stylist then picks out 5 pieces of clothing you for based on your board and profile.  It is $20 to try but if you purchase an item, the $20 gets applied to that purchase.  Soooo….essentially it doesn’t cost anything to try!  You also get 25% off for keeping all 5 items.

Here is what I got!

Corina Dolman Top–  Loved this one! I was surprised at how soft the material was!  I have a ton of grey in my wardrobe already but I love the style and fit!
Corinna Dolman Top Stitch Fix
Verdict: Kept!

Omar Crochet Bib Top– I LOVE the color on this one!  It is a basic tank that has lace detail at the top.  I think it is perfect for a date night!
Omar Crochet bib top Stitch Fix
Verdict: Kept!

Pixley Scarlet Lace Dress– I asked for a casual dress for our upcoming beach vacation. When I put it on, I wanted to love this dress so much more than I did.  I love the color and lace detail but I felt like the fit was off and it didn’t do anything for me. Plus, it is impossible to breastfeed in and I have nowhere to wear it.
Pixley Scarlet Lace Dress Stitch Fix
Verdict: Sent back

Skies are Blue Caine Open Cardigan- When I initially saw this one, I thought I would hate it. However, I ended up loving how soft and comfortable it is.  I envision wearing it with jeans and boots in the early fall. It is so different and out of my comfort zone but I guess that is what Stitch Fix is all about!
Skies Are Blue Caine Open Cardigan Stitch Fix Pixley Scarlet Lace Dress Stitch Fix
Verdict: Kept!

Look by M Neva Colorblock Scarf–  This scarf is super soft and I like the design.  Still, it is not totally my style and I couldn’t justify keeping it for the price.
Look by M Neva Colorblock Scarf  Stitch Fix
Verdict: Sent back

Overall, I had a blast with my first Stitch Fix box.  I was like a kid at Christmas waiting for my box to arrive!  I have already scheduled my next shipment!

Want to try Stitch Fix?  Use my referral link and we will be best friends!   

Ava's Nursery

This post contains affiliate links.  See my full disclosure here.

When I found out Ava was a girl, my mind immediately went to thoughts of pale pink,a chandelier and shabby chic elegance.  I know it was a total first world problem, but it was stressful putting my vision of the perfect girl nursery together!  I had all these ideas in my head but I didn't know where to start. Little by little and piece by piece, it started to come together and now it is my favorite room in the house!

Pink grey shabby chic baby girl nursery

  The ottoman poof is my favorite thing in her nursery!  I saw the A with the vintage frame around it on Pinterest and had to have it.  I randomly saw it in Hobby Lobby and was so excited.

Love the quote “Always remember- you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”

Pink grey shabby chic baby girl nursery
I drove my Etsy seller nuts with the colors in the pictures but I wanted them just right!

Etsy and Pinterest were my best friends in designing this nursery.  Alex came home one night and saw the credit card bill.  He turned to me and goes "what is Etsy?"  I would have been in trouble if it was more popular when I was wedding planning!  

Here’s where I ended up buying the decor from.  Thank you internet shopping…

Sheets- Bed Bath and Beyond
Crib Skirt- Pottery Barn Kids
Valances, chandelier- Amazon
Rug- Overstock
Chair- Walmart
Dresser- Ikea
Ottoman, pillow and custom wall art- Etsy
White frame with A in the middle- Hobby Lobby


Gaining Confidence with 2 kids!

When Ryan was a baby, I rarely took him anywhere out of fear that he would cry and I wouldn't know what to do.  With 2 kids, that is just not possible and Ava is already getting out more in the first 2 months than Ryan did in the first year!  We went to the mall to exchange something and dinner time snuck up on us.  Alex asked if we should go to Cheesecake Factory with *gasp* both kids and for some reason I agreed. 

We sat down and I planned my exit plan for when one of them inevitably freaked out.  Ryan declared that he wanted pizza and Ava took a nap.  I waited for it to get crazy.  I waited some more...and some more.  It never came.  They were perfect and it was such an enjoyable time!

I think this will end our going out to eat with both kid experiences because it would be hard to top this one!

Can I just Freeze Time?

When I was pregnant with Ava, I think I had the normal feeling of “why am I doing this?  I feel so bad taking time away from  my little guy.”  Ryan has always been the center of our world and it broke my heart to think that I was going to be unavailable to him.  I was so worried how he would react and if he would resent me. 

 Now, almost a month and a half in, I am happy to say that I feel completely different.  I never could have fathomed how strong his sibling bond would be.  He loves Ava so much and it is so amazing to watch that relationship develop.  Every morning, he comes into my room and asks “where’s little little.”  Yup, she even has her first nickname at one month old courtesy of Ryan.  He started calling her “little Ava” which morphed into “little” which has morphed into “little little.”  Oh my heart!

It is funny how all these things I was freaked out about- being pregnant, becoming a mom, adding a second child- all turn out to not only be ok but exceed every expectation I could ever have.  I thought having a kid was the best thing ever but it turns out having 2 is even better!

I wish I could have told my pregnant self how ok it was going to be.  I wish I could have told myself that it is going to not only be fine, but it is going to be amazing!