Toddler Activity Tuesday: Finger Paint

I will admit, I like a clean house so the notion of finger paint freaks me out.  However, Ryan is one creative little guy so I sucked it up, put a trash bag in our kitchen and let him go to town!  He had a blast!  I used the Crayola washable paint and it worked perfectly.  It was so fun to watch my little Picasso at work although I think he enjoyed dipping his hands in water to clean them just as much as he did painting.

Despite the dirty water, painted hands and paint all over his smock, I looked at how happy and creative he was being.  In that moment, an immense wave of happiness overtook me and I realized that my whole life, I have dreamed of being a stay at home mom.  I dreamed of these seemingly mundane moments that only happen for a short period of time.  Suddenly, I realized that these messy moments are what I live for and will remember the rest of my life.

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